Steven Yoeung

Full-Stack Web Developer


About Me

University of Pennsylvania Coding Bootcamp Graduate

Becoming a developer has been one heck of a ride , from struggling to complete my first coding assigment to hours of coding and debugging to , finally exhibiting my final coding bootcamp project. All of this has been a memorable start of my coding carreer .

I absolutely love what I do and cannot wait to apply my knowledge to solve real-life problems and expand my arsenal of skills. I am professional, hard-working and passionate about this new career, and I strive to constantly learn and will not succumb to challenging experiences.

Coding Timeline

Researched Topics on Programming

Dabbled in free online resources regarding coding to determine if it was a good fit for me .

Decided to focus on coding and applied up for coding bootcamp

Looked into coding and found that it interested me more than my current major, decided to dive right in and apply for local coding bootcamp .

Attend UPenn Coding Bootcamp

Attended 6 month program to learn the fundamentals to full stack web development .


Univerity of the Science | Bucks Community College

Sept 2016 - Oct 2018

Exploring carrer options

  • Started off as pre-med but then transfered to business admin major .

University of Pennsylvania

March 2018 - October 2018

6 months Full Stack Web Development Course

  • Coding bootcamp aimed to teach student fundamentals , best practices , app development , and solving technical problems.
  • Certificate - Full Stack Web Developer

Temple University

2019 - 2023

Pursuing Computer Science Degree

  • Looking to learn as much as i can about programming and development .



Search your favorite Superhero and find all the juicy details about them . Discuss anything super with the community forum function .

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Fortnite Clicky Game

A simple memory game based on the popular online multiplayer game "Fortnite" . Test your memory by clicking/eliminating all the character cards without clicking a character card twice.

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Hacker News Scrapper

Clean and easily navigatable site that allows user to scrape current news article from Hacker News .

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Durr Burger Logger

A restaurant app that lets users input the names of burgers they'd like to eat . Simply just create and devour .

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Moody News

A tool that searches for articles from different news sources , and run an analysis on title to determine the general sentiment (positive or negative) of article(s) .

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Timely Express

A train schedule application that incorporates Firebase to host arrival and departure data. The app will retrieve and manipulate this information and then provide up-to-date information about various trains.

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bAmazon Listings

Command-line app that allow users to track product inventory and allow customers to place orders.

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Simple webpage that searches anime and cartoon gifs from the gipy api and display them on page.

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Solar System Trivia Game

Created a Trivia game using JavaScript for the logic and jQuery to manipulate HTML and create a stylish website . A short fun interactive game to test ones solar system knowledge .

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Express/Node.js
  • React.js/Redux
  • mySql/MongoDb
  • Restful APIs

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